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1-3 Valkyriegade
København, 2200

Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English


Peter Hunter, a teacher of movement and meditation.

Peter Hunter

Peter Hunter is a movement and meditation teacher.

He is a plant-lover, a BJJ novice, an acro intermediate and a highly advanced rebel spirit. He teaches privately, regular classes, workshops and at festivals and retreats.

He teaches a diverse range of disciplines as a result of an uncommonly broad movement background, ranging from dance, yoga and weightlifting to partner acrobatics, handstand and parkour, as well as soccer, juggling and barefoot running.

He has been at it since 2010, practicing, being a student, investing time and energy in everything above. Supplementing the walk, he holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (finished January 2020), as well as shorter educations: Hamsa yoga teacher, Stretch Therapy practitioner, instructor and Kropsakademiet personal trainer.

Great places I’ve been honored to teach

Great places I’ve been honored to teach

Thanks for reading this far. Of course, I wrote that intro above myself. Since I’m the one writing, I will continue to entertain you in first person.


I hope these words find you, whoever you are, in good health and free from suffering.

I will begin with the grand conclusion and tell you the shortest statement I can think of to describe what I do:

I practice movement in pursuit of freedom

There are many ways I could begin to unpack this, but to start somewhere, let me tell you a story.

When I was 17, I went to rehabilitation in the form of Wilderness Therapy in Utah, USA. I smoked weed and my parents offered me to go there or leave the apartment. In the desert of Utah, I met a California kid, Eric. Later I met him again in Los Angeles, where we spent quite a few evenings freestyle rapping with a group also staying at Sober College. One day Eric left the premises with one of the new guys. Couple of days later, we heard that Eric had died of an overdose.

My heart was pulled apart. I felt so numb and empty. This guy had so much talent, was so kind. I had touched him days before, laughed with him, talked with him, felt he understood me. Dead.

I always knew I would never see any of the people I met in those institutions again. They would all become memory. But Eric died.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because this was my fully embodied confrontation with death by addiction. I spent more than 3 years in the recovery-community, joining 12-step programs in Denmark after rehab. I met so many painful and bizarre fates during those years, hearing the stories and sharing myself as well. At the same time, I began my physical education, starting in Gerlev Idrætshøjskole.

Parkour offered my adventurousness a positive playground. Dance challenged me to express myself without perfection and to be more authentic. Ashtanga yoga taught me discipline, morning after morning, alone, on the mat.

In the other direction, hearing all those stories directly from people describing themselves as addicts connected me deeply to a wide and deep universe of suffering - addiction, powerlessness, crime, emotional wreckage - places you don’t want to go.

In 2010, I began living for the first time - through my journey into the world of movement and embodied self-expression. Before, I was dying - through my teenage journey into graffiti, theft, anarchy and stimulants. I was not dying as fast as many others. But for sure, physically and even more emotionally, I was slowly dying on that old path. Movement was my way out of addiction.

Everything I now do and teach is a result of this pivotal orientation towards life in the form of movement. By trekking through wilderness and by seeing myself grow through embodied practices in community with others, I very gradually transcended my shame and self-hatred, discovering that I wanted to be in nature and I wanted to be me - a profound existential validation.

To capture it all kind of graphically, here is my life in five pictures. The titles are: War. Nature. Healing. Trust. Teaching.