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1-3 Valkyriegade
København, 2200

Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English


Peter Hunter’s BLOG in Danish and English

Hunting for truth

Welcome to my blog. Below you’ll find an overview of my thoughts on various subjects in both Danish and English. (* marks articles that I’ve translated to both languages (WORK IN PROGRESS). I’m a bit obsessed with learning, movement, climate change and how to live a responsible, joyful, meaningful life. This explains the diversity you might find here.

About the title above: It represents a reminder to myself: Learning and following the truth is a present-moment process. It’s Hunting, not Hunted (past tense) or Hunter of truth (identifying with). There is no arriving, no catching, no finding. Because anywhere I might arrive, anything I might catch or find on my hunt represents a new particular viewpoint - that might be more expansive than ever before, but still specific. This new viewpoint will have it’s own profile of light and darkness, benefits and problems, usefulness and bias - but the expectation that my (next) viewpoint will be all light is the death sentence of learning. Curiosity, self-care and a considered approach to living life provide the energy and motivation to keep hunting. Because learning is living and not learning is dying.

Please comment on the things you read if you have thoughts, questions, something to add or feedback. Thank you for your precious attention.