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1-3 Valkyriegade
København, 2200

Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English

Video: Synkroniseret Akroyoga

Blog (DK)

Video: Synkroniseret Akroyoga

Peter Hunter

For a period of time in the late 2013, Morten, Christina, Kristine and I would meet in Nørrebrohallen regularly to practice. One day, we got the idea of doing synchronized acroyoga for a show of some sort, and we imagined getting Anders Lund Madsen, a famous Danish TV-journalist, to be our commentator. Although that dream never realized itself, we did put together a nice little video showcasing the synchronized Ninja-Star and Star... Enjoy!

Kære Anders Lund Madsen Som de fleste her i landet er vi bekendt med din interesse for sport når den er synkron, hvorfor denne video, med et af de nyeste skud på stammen hvad angår synkronsporternes træ, er dedikeret til dig. Vi håber du kan lide det.

In January we did some large-scale synchronized acroyoga in Struensegade. Thanks to all you wonderful people in the video!