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Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English

3 everyday habbits, that green the world

Blog (EN)

3 everyday habbits, that green the world

Peter Hunter

The heroic feat, the strong will and powerful single actions are… all XX. Our individual progress happens mainly thru our habbits and daily life. Once a day is often better than ten times on a Saturday. The meta-rule behind any progress is that discipline, in some degree, is necessary.

Here are three things you can implement in your daily life to green the world (esp. thru more trees). They are

  1. DIET: Eat more vegetarian / shop in LØS-market

  2. SEARCH ENGINE: Use instead of Google

  3. SUPPORT: Give money to Verdens Skove

Shop in LØS-market (opening in Nørrebro soon!)

LØS-Market is a vegetarian, plastic free grocery store in Vesterbro. I've been shopping there a lot since moving into my andelslejlighed, and I get 10% off everything in return for my membership of 200 kr a year.


They are right about to open a new shop on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro, and are asking help from Copenhageners and others thru crowdfunding to kick-start the project. I've donated 1000 kr because I want to support Frederik and the rest of the LØS-team as much as I can, and because I live much closer to Jægersborggade than Saxogade.

If you don't live in central CPH, LØS-market probably isn't a convenient option for you. But a (more) vegetarian lifestyle is possible in all of Denmark, and remember it's about REDUCING your meat-consumption, not necessarily RESTRICTING yourself from it completely, if you're not ready. How can you get more ready? A start could be to read the articles I link to in this paragraf:

Why does a (more) vegetarian diet make the world a greener place? An obvious and important argument is that it prevents the cutting of rainforest to grow soya to feed cows with - like the Danish cows are. This and other arguments are presented here: 1) The Guardian, 2) Meat Free Monday og 3) mere The Guardian.

Animal products cause more damage than [producing] construction minerals such as sand or cement, plastics or metals. Biomass and crops for animals are as damaging as [burning] fossil fuels
— Professor Edgar Hertwich

2. Use the search engine that plants trees!


Ecosia is a search engine that plants trees with their advertisement profits. I started using it when they had only planted ca. 8 million trees. They publish documentation for their work continuously and they have a cool info-site, where they explain what they do. Until now, they've invested 6.688.224€ ~ 50 millioner DKK and plantet just under 40 million trees.

Besides this project being completely FANTASTIC, AND that you can easily make Ecosia your standard search engine, they also value user privacy. Personally, I've had an easy breezy time no longer using Google as a search engine after installing Ecosia's Firefox plug-in. (By the way: Firefox is a better and much more private browser than Google's Chrome)

A last note: Ecosia has a Maps function that links to Google Maps, BUT also Microsoft's BING. So you can choose BING = "Because It's Not Google". I choose Microsoft - For part of the reason why, see my email newsletter from Oct, 2018.

3. Support Verdens Skove, a Danish organisation

verdens skove

I've supported Verdens Skove (the worlds trees) with 100 kr. a month from 2015-2017 and wished for "Rain Forest Certificates" for Christmas some years (among other things). I recommend this page about why rain forests are important and I'm definitely proud to support this organisation. In writing this post, I decided to restart my (tax deductable) monthly donation, this time 200 kr. You can also support them thru Greenspeak, a telephone service provider, if you as a member vote the profits in that direction.

(In 2018 I was in transition from living in a collegium to an apartment. I paid two rent's in that period and therefore stopped all donations - here, I've written about what I have given to charity and why I write about it publicly.)

Verdens Skove are currently collecting signatures, for a demand of the farming industry to stop supporting deforestation in rain forests.

The end. If you crowdfund LØS, you are also supporting Verdens Skove with some of that money. If you have comments or contributions, please share below in the comments.