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1-3 Valkyriegade
København, 2200

Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English

My roots as a practicioner and teacher

Blog (EN)

My roots as a practicioner and teacher

Peter Hunter

In progress :)

Sometimes it's necessary to look back to the beginnings of things. In the beginning, everything is fresh and new. Everything resembles an experiment with unknown surprises waiting around every corner.

This is the time with a steep learning curve. Here you learn new things every time you apply yourself. Here you make a thousand mistakes, all fantastically obvious and public. Here you are forced to be humble, because you cannot demonstrate impressive things (yet). This is a time to be grateful for. Don't rush it.

So it is with acroyoga (and other disciplines). It's a practice which sweeps people away when they first meet it, there is so much to learn and explore. With time, you gain a deepening sense of comfort and familiarity with the particular culture you're participating in and the ways in which people can carry each others weight in static positions or in dynamic transitions. As you practice, with all the exposure you get to different geometries and patterns of movement, a personal landscape of acroyoga is developing in your mind. Consciously or not, depending on your way of systematizing your embodied experience, you are creating a library of movement.

Let's say you file a book for each movement pattern.


This is where it all started. In december, 2013 I had about 6 months of practice under my belt and began teaching with Julie Hendel for Line Bangsbo and Jeppe Skovgaard on their winter-get-aways to warmer places. I attended some of their very first classes, and this is also where i met Julie for the first time.


Det var her det hele startede. December, 2013, Struensegade. Line Bangsbo og Jeppe Skovgaard havde selvfølgelig været igang med at undervise ca. et års tid, men for mit vedkommende var dette begyndelsen, forstået på den måde at jeg gik fra at være en engageret deltager til at blive katapulteret ind i en ny og uvandt lærer-rolle. Det skete sammen med Julie Hendel, og vi stod altså for mandags-træningerne i Struensegade vinteren over, da de førnævnte stjerner var ude i verden. Julie og jeg mødtes ofte før timerne gik igang for at træne, og en af de gange filmede vi vores session - læg mærke til, at jeg også får lov at flyve lidt. TEKNIK > STYRKE