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My Yoga Diary

Peter Hunter

UPDATE 26-10-1: After 1½ months in Mexico, doing a lot of acrobatics and having a chance to to NOT do (ashtanga) yoga, and I've just about decided not to continue my ashtanga practice hardcore like i used to. Reasons: More efficient and better ways of training my body = freeing time for other physical training AND more (to me) interesting "yoga-stuff" like meditation and breathwork (pranayama). I'll still do the practice sometimes, but my as-many-times-as-possible pr. day, week, month or year goal is gone.

To varying degrees I have tried and try to keep track of what I do with my body. I've kept a training diary for a couple of years, in one period meticulously noting exercises, repetitions and sets; in another period time, distance and speed; and in this period, time spent doing yoga. Currently, I am trying to simplify my practices in certain "principles" or rules, which I then just need to follow. I've stopped keeping track of acroyoga sessions, because it seems unnecessary. All I need to know is that I do it a lot and can do it even when I'm (very) sore. It doesn't really count as training.

Here is a picture of my analog yoga diary, 2014. The symbols have the following meanings: The Y's mean the full Ashtanga primary series "as it is" (1,5 hours). The purple X's mean 1,5 hours of yoga, but NOT "as it is". This is when I mix up the poses, add my own, and basically do whatever I want. The green dots mean 1 hour of yoga or less, but usually consists of a sun salutation warmup, standing poses from Ashtanga and finishing poses. The blue M!'s mean running a marathon. The purple D means an hour or more of dance. The black letters are trips, workshops, etc.

For each month since January, 2014, I've counted the total number of sessions to have an overview of how often I've taken the time to practice. In total for 2014, I've practiced 148 times, which adds up to a little more than once every 2.5 days. So 1/3 of my days have some yoga in them (again, this is not counting acroyoga...). My longest break was in march and lasted 30 days... Can't wait to beat my score in 2015! (...because I like YOGA, not score-beating...) As you can see on the graph below, I am on my way to succeeding. So far (to and with August) i have practiced 105 times in 2015... To beat my score i need to practice 12 times pr. month from now on.

Live Yoga Diary Chart

The Y-axis shows number of yoga sessions

Number of practices pr. year

Sunsalute and scorpion pose

Peter Hunter

Saying good morning with a little yoga, throwing in some warmup-exercises and ending with something called the scorpion (vrschikasana - but don't try to say it).

If you want to do the scorpion one day - like me on the ground, or like Julie on the forearms - then I recommend doing "the boat", which is the shuba-rocking back and forth on the stomach that I do on the video. I won't try to explain the exercise, except by saying that it's hard and requires back flexibility. The point is gaining momentum by swinging down your arms towards the ground, at the same time lifting up your legs (bent or straight) behind you, approaching the powerful pose of the scorpion...

Need motivation? Here are some suggestions as to the benefits, oh, those delicious benefits:

Scorpion Pose is an extremely challenging pose with the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the shoulders, back and legs
  • Stretches the chest, hip flexors and shoulders
  • Elevates heart rate
  • Challenges balance, coordination, strength and perseverance