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Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English

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30 tons CO2 offset thru HwH Workshops

Peter Hunter

Recently, I hosted 3 donation handstand-workshops where all the the donations from participants offset a total of 30,5 tons CO2 through a swedish myClimate affiliate. This makes me so happy! It has been so rewarding that I would urge anyone who-so-ever to organize something where you 1) share what you love and 2) dedicate donations to a cause you care about. ♥

Handstand with Hunter Workshops 2018

I have a personal rule of offsetting the current travel + a previous travel whenever I go outside of DK, which should lead to all my lifes travels being offset at some point in the future. I've calculated that, with the 25 times I've flown over the atlantic ocean to visit my family in Georgia, USA, plus other travels, I've emitted at least 100 tons CO2 through my personal travels. Currently, I've donated a total of 6077 DKK equalling 35,7 tons CO2 (average price: 170 DKK pr. ton CO2), so I'm about 1/3 of the way. (The goals is to accomplish this SLOWLY, since not travelling is MUCH better than offsetting). The workshops took weeks, whereas my ongoing commitment has already taken years.

This is my personal system of commitment to living in a way that I will be proud of many years into the future. This is something I want to tell my children.

This is the first time I've used my teaching for the same purpose. Gathering people together for practice, embodied living, reflection and fun is so worthwhile IN ITSELF and a sustainable activity to be engaging in on so many levels: the physiological level, the social level and even the societal level (just think of all the ways you could be emitting more CO2 while entertaining yourself...). To also dedicate this economically to something bigger than any of us can overview (the CO2 situation) just adds another deep layer of meaning.

Left: Århus workshop, final endurance against wall. Right: 1st CPH workshop, initial written reflection work. Note: Pics from 2nd CPH workshop are lost! Really annoyed with myself, no backup... :(

While I plan on making a living from teaching, this is a valuable reminder of how whatever skills I have as a handstander and teacher are (or should be, at least!) intrinsically worth doing and sharing with friends and strangers alike, no matter the money. I'm sure many teachers feel this way within their field.

Thanks to all who joined the fun and contributed with their time, energy and money. ♥

If you want to set up a similar system of taking care of the future climate, I've created a customizable spreadsheet to get you started: