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1-3 Valkyriegade
København, 2200

Teaching by Peter Hunter and blog in both Danish and English

Blog (EN)

Sunsalute and scorpion pose

Peter Hunter

Saying good morning with a little yoga, throwing in some warmup-exercises and ending with something called the scorpion (vrschikasana - but don't try to say it).

If you want to do the scorpion one day - like me on the ground, or like Julie on the forearms - then I recommend doing "the boat", which is the shuba-rocking back and forth on the stomach that I do on the video. I won't try to explain the exercise, except by saying that it's hard and requires back flexibility. The point is gaining momentum by swinging down your arms towards the ground, at the same time lifting up your legs (bent or straight) behind you, approaching the powerful pose of the scorpion...

Need motivation? Here are some suggestions as to the benefits, oh, those delicious benefits:

Scorpion Pose is an extremely challenging pose with the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the shoulders, back and legs
  • Stretches the chest, hip flexors and shoulders
  • Elevates heart rate
  • Challenges balance, coordination, strength and perseverance